How to weld loader cutting edge better



Welding Instructions

Higher Blades developed a new material named HM400. It can guarantee that under low temperature(-30) welding without preheating, and can ensure the highest quality steels and are designed to provide impact and abrasion resistance while maintaining your weldability.

Following the welding procedure, will ensure the maximum performance of your Higher Blades products.

General: The following procedures should be followed when welding any Higher Blades product.

  Use short stringer beads and remove slag after each pass

  Bevel joints to get 100% weld penetration, when possible

 •All welding should be done in the flat horizontal position

  Peen each bead to reduce stress concentrations

  Hold interpass temperatures to under 500°

WARNING: When performing the work described in these instructions, always work safely and use proper safety equipment to help avoid injury. Always wear hard hat, gloves, safety shoes, eye protection, hearing protection and fall protection per regional, national and site requirements (e.g. OSHA, MSHA) when performing maintenance work. To avoid injury to others, keep by standers well out of the way.

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