PRODUCTS - All around the world
  • • Accessories replacement for full range brands
  • • OEM & Customized service
  • • Advanced heat treatment with through hardening technology, core and surface hardness distinction is less than 5 HRC.
  • • Innovative material with excellent welding performance, no need to pre-heat, convenient for using.
  • • Bolt-on & weld-on base cutting edge.
  • • Single or double bevel flat, bucket guard.
  • • Plow type blades.
  • • Mechanical Property:
Higher Blades can provide high strength wear-resisting steel with advanced heat treatment. Our through hardening technology can improve the hardenability to extend the edges wear life. We can also design innovative material to meet any requirement such as wear resistance, welding performance, strength. We provide standard material as follows or you could also refer Material Selection.




Yielding Strength(MPa)





Impact Energy







≥25(-20 KV)






≥40(25 KU)







Higher Blades have obvious advantages to provide customer a more cost-effective solution:
  • • Competitive Price:
As strategic partner of SISG, We ourselves have been a profession steel supplier for over 20 years. So that we can get raw material advantage to provide most competitive price.
  • • Professional Material:
We are more professional on material. We can provide wider range high strength wear resisting steel and can design innovative material to meet any technical requirement and provide performance improvement on welding, wear resistance, mechanical strength etc.
  • • Advanced Process:
We have the Chinas best large advanced roller heat treatment line with through hardening technology. So that our product have longer wear life and better mechanical performance. Our higher hardenability can avoid crack on your parts.
  • • Reliable QC:
We can provide full mechanical test repot with global 3rd-party certification such as SGS, BV, TUV...